Work a Mile in My Shoes™

One of the easiest ways to move toward a workplace that is truly Inclusive is to have better understanding of Disabilities, Disabilities in the Workplace, and Workplace Accommodation.

tqSkills’ Work a Mile in My Shoes™ offers a unique experiential look at Disabilities in the Workplace by putting you in the shoes of a Person with a Disability at work.

Work a Mile in My Shoes™ puts your Managers, Supervisors, or employees to work with simulated limitations representing a wide variety of common disabilities. Limitations can include, but not be limited to;

  • Mobility - Wheelchair (Manual)
  • Mobility - Wheelchair (Motorized)
  • Mobility - Walker / Cane
  • Vision (Blind)
  • Low Vision (13 variations available)
  • DEAF
  • HOH (Hard of Hearing)
  • Stroke Survivor (limitations vary)
  • Customized disability simulations

tqSkills' Work a Mile in My Shoes™ comprises an “Experiential Work Day” for 6 – 10 participants, followed up by a Debrief Workshop approximately one week later where experiences, observations, and insights are shared and discussed.

The result is often a much better understanding of the challenges faced by a Person with a Disability; while at the same time getting a better understanding of how easily and effectively these limitations can be addressed through proper accommodation and support.

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