Positive Mental Health - It WORKS!™


There are definite, tangible benefits to creating a Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplace. Knowing what those benefits are, and how to get them may provide your business with a significant advantage in today’s ever competitive economy.

Unique challenges in the form of lost productivity, chronic absenteeism, short and long term disability, and employee disengagement are issues that are facing nearly every North American business.

These issues are estimated to cost North American business billions – yes, billions – of dollars every year.

But – they don’t have to.

tqSkills’ + Mental Health – It WORKS!™ is an informational workshop designed to help Supervisors, Managers, Directors and Companies in general to look more closely at their workplace culture and their workplace environment.

Topics discussed include many aspects of your workplace culture and workplace environment; however, primary focus is applied to the advantage provided by creating a Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplace. These include;

  • Organizational Excellence and Sustainability
  • Reducing absenteeism, sick leave & risk mitigation
  • Improving Operational Cost Effectiveness
  • Improving Employee Retention
  • Enhancing New Hire Recruitment

Contact tqSkills to discuss your opportunity to create and / or support a Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplace in your business!

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