(Practical Employability & Accommodation Report™)

tqSkills’ PEAR™ Assessment is a focused examination of an individual’s identified and /or demonstrated employability and identified accommodation / support needs; or of an applicant or employee who is a disclosed Person with a Disability.  The PEAR™ Assessment is a non-clinical examination and assessment and focuses on the real-life, real-world workplace.

The PEAR™ Assessment is designed to identify and evaluate the actual skills, knowledge, and experience of the individual as related to the individual’s “employability” and / or employment performance. This assessment may consider past work experience, volunteer experience, and proven soft and hard skills.

The PEAR™ Assessment also assesses and evaluates actual disability-related disability barrier(s) / limitations and assists in identifying appropriate and realistic accommodation(s) and / or support(s).

The PEAR™ Assessment may utilize numerous methods of observation and evaluation, including but not limited to;

  • Education / Knowledge level of the Applicant Employee
  • Demonstrated / proven soft and hard skills
  • Current Resume
  • Past work / volunteer history
  • Work References
  • Disability barrier(s) capable of realistic accommodation
  • Other support(s) if needed
  • Personal Coping Strategies

tqSkills' PEAR™ (Practical Employability and Accommodation Report™) Assessment is designed to present a realistic overview of the overall “Employability” of the individual as well as recommendations to assure the identification and application of applicable realistic accommodation(s) / support(s) required to ensure the individual’s ability to be productive and successful in the workplace.

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