...for Secondary and Post Secondary Academia

...for Secondary and Post Secondary Academia

'Employability', Disability, and Employment...

tqSkills informational and educational Products and / or Services are made available through ONdisabilities to Students who are Persons with a Disability in Secondary, Post-Secondary, College, and University level academic institutions.

ONdisabilities brings information and resources to Students with Disabilities to improve their Employability and to better understand the realities of their disability in relation to employment and the workplace. The ultimate goal is to make yourself competitively marketable in the job search, and successful in long term employment.

Presentation / Workshops / Seminars can be modified to meet all available time frames and budgets.

Please note: Products / Services offered to Academic Institutions may be modified to meet the needs of the audience based on age, academic level, and / or employment status

DISability  INability™

This presentation speaks to the realities of entering and succeeding in today's workplace. Understanding the needs and expectations of the employer, how to disclose your disability, how to identify and request accommodation can all contribute to long term success in the workplace.

Also discussed is the need for good "employability skills" in entering the workplace.  

Knowing where you're going and how to get there are the first steps in planning your employment future and succeeding at it.

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Employment is a Job, Employability is a SKILL!

This presentation addresses the skills, abilities, attitudes, and behaviours that are required to successfully obtain employment, and succeed at long term employment. All aspects of pre-employment preparation, job searching, and workplace success are covered - as are all aspects of how your disability-related limitations, need for accommodation, and your contribution in the workplace can be assured with proper planning and preparation.

Contact ONdisabilities for more information on this product, scheduling, and pricing.

Social Media - Gold Mine or Minefield?

Social media is widespread and very popular; however, it can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to job search and employment. Learn how to use social media to your advantage and how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in using social media.

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YOU will be the Decision Makers!

YOU will be the Decision Makers! is designed for recent college and university graduates and young professionals. BUT, this message has value for all students, teachers, and educators as well. AND, for students who are people with disabilities. 

This presentation talk is offered FREE based on scheduling availability. 

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Work a Mile in My Shoes™

Work a Mile in My Shoes™ is a comprehensive experiential learning experience designed for business; however, this workshop can also be an invaluable experience for students, teachers, and educators.

The primary component of this workshop is experienced through the simulation of a disability as you go through your normal work - or school - day.

For special pricing and scheduling for Academic institutions, please contact ONdisabilities.

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PEAR™ Assessment - Practical Employability and Accommodation Report Assessment

ONdisabilities PEAR™ Assessment is a comprehensive non-clinical assessment designed for a person with a disability who is unemployed, or underemployed, and is seeking long term part time or full time competitive employment; however, who may also be perceived to be hard-to-serve due to significant employability and / or disability related barriers and /or limitations.

ONdisabilities’ PEAR™ Assessment is designed to provide an employment-related evaluation of the Client’s current work skills and beliefs, demonstrated / proven employment skills, and a non-clinical evaluation of the Client’s disability-related barriers / limitations; and identifies realistic / viable accommodations and how to access them.

The PEAR™ Assessment is a fee-for-service assessment. Contact ONdisabilites for more information about the Practical Employability and Accommodation Report Assessment.  

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The D.I.C.E. Assessment™

The D.I.C.E. Assessment™ (Disability Impact on Career & Employment) is an integral component INCLUDED IN ONdisabilities PEAR™ Assessment; however, an individual may order a D.I.C.E. Assessment™ and receive the D.I.C.E. report directly should they choose not to take a full PEAR Assessment.

If you are interested in taking the D.I.C.E. Assessment™ ONLY, please contact ONdisabilities to book your D.I.C.E. Assessment™ today. Some conditions do apply.

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Other Services...

ONdisabilities' principals, Stephen G. Largy and Colin Price, are available to speak on topics related to Employability, Disabilities in the Workplace, and Workplace Accommodations. Speaking Sessions are typically intended to be offered in short sessions of approximately 45 minutes and not more than 90 minutes.

Typical topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Employability
  • Disabilities in the Workplace
  • DISability ≠ INability™
  • Generational Diversity
  • Play with a Plan™
  • Social Media? Gold Mine or Minefield?™
  • True Quality is a Personal Choice™

Speaking engagements can be designed to meet your schedule and budget requirements.