Employers and the AODA™

The AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) was enacted in 2005 and compliance expectations began to come into effect in 2011. Compliance requirements and timelines differ in relation to the type and size of business that your company represents.

Early information on compliance was sometimes incomplete and confusing. As a result, compliance has generally been slow and sometimes incomplete. In many cases, disability advocates are expressing serious concern over the plodding approach to compliance – or even a tendency toward non-compliance.

tqSkills’ Employers and the AODA™ approaches the AODA and compliance from a common sense approach and illustrates how easy and painless compliance is in reality. The tqSkills’ approach also highlights the advantages and benefits that creating a truly inclusive workplace can offer.

Contact tqSkills to discuss your needs in better understanding the AODA and how easy and painless AODA compliance is for your company!

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