What is True Quality is a Personal Choice?

tqSkills' tagline, ‘True Quality is a Personal Choice™’  embraces a philosophy that the individual – whether in their personal, family, social, or work life – is the one who is ultimately responsible for their success and their happiness.

True Quality was one of numerous ‘business-focused’ productivity concepts in the 1980’s and 1990’s that was coupled by tqSkills' President, Steve Largy, with the reality of human nature; to create the philosophy that the individual must be the first one to take responsibility and accountability for their own lives.

tqSkills recognizes that ‘getting there’ is not always an easy route. As a result, tqSkills recognizes the value of a life-long strong support structure comprised of family, friends, and society. There is a lot of truth to the adage that ‘...it takes a village to raise a child’.

tqSkills is now applying its belief in the philosophy of ‘True Quality is a Personal Choice™’ in support of Job Seekers, Youth, Persons with Disabilities, and Business by providing services and resources in support of Employability, Disabilities in the Workplace, and Workplace Accommodation. 


Stephen G. Largy

Senior Consultant / President

Stephen G. Largy has had a long and eclectic career built on strong management principles and ethical leadership. After rising to the top of the Montreal hospitality industry in the first half of his career, Steve entered the field of Customer Service & Sales Training in GTA industries including telecommunications, transportation, and social services. 

Finding an affinity for the good works of volunteerism and community service, Steve focused the past twelve years on working within the community and with Persons with Disabilities. In working with Persons with Disabilities – both in providing employment services to Persons with Disabilities and as an advocate for Persons with Disabilities – Steve saw the need for more supports and services for all job seekers and businesses. 

Subsequently, Steve has redesigned his vast library of information and resources in support of Employability, Disabilities in the Workplace, and Workplace Accommodation, and Truly Inclusive Workplaces. tqSkills and ONdisabilities support job seekers, employees, and employers; in recognition that a successful, healthy, and profitable workplace provides the personal dignity and financial integrity that can help to build a healthy, happy, and successful life for all of its partners. 

"We don't teach to enable, entitle, or expect; we teach to educate, encourage, and empower"


Colin Price

Senior Consultant

Colin Price joined tqSkills and ONdisabilities after a long and distinguished career in social services providing employment services to Persons with Disabilities and as an advocate for Persons with Disabilities.

Colin hails from an interesting employment background as Colin started his work career as a skilled and certified tradesman. Colin worked as a refurbisher, and custom builder of pipe organs. Colin built pipe organs from scratch including; custom cabinetry, finishing / refinishing, design and construction of electrical pneumatic mechanisms; and oversaw installation of the instruments. Interestingly enough while working as a pipe organ builder, Colin helped to integrate / train persons with Intellectual Disabilities into the pipe organ business by teaching them various aspects of the building and installation process.

Recognizing the progression of technology and the decrease in demand for pipe organs; and seeing the value of working with Persons with Disabilities, Colin pursued training in various social service and psychological support programs and entered the Social Services field working with Persons with Disabilities.

Colin is a strong advocate for Persons with Disabilities and has worked for over 20 years in providing employment support services to Persons with Disabilities. Like Steve, Colin sees the greatest future opportunity for both support and advocacy for Persons with Disabilities in the programs and services offered by tqSkills and ONdisabilities.