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What is tqSkills?

  • tqSkills is the foundation organization for ONdisabilities and for the True Quality is a Personal Choice™ philosophy of proven values, continuous learning, and personal accountability in achieving YOUR future success
  • tqSkills offers speaking services, 1:1 Career Coaching, workshops, and other products to educate, motivate, and inspire YOU - the individual or the organization - to choose to be better!

Your Expert Specialists on Disability in the Workplace

  • tqSkills and ONdisabilities focuses its programs, information, and resources on improving the "Employability Skills" of all job seekers and employees in order to assure that demonstrated value is recognized, rewarded, and retained by the Employer; with a special focus on supporting People with Disabilities in entering and succeeding in the workplace
  • ONdisabilities focuses its business services on helping the Employer to understand the short and long term benefits of a workplace that is truly inclusive and that is a psychologically healthy and safe workplace
  • ONdisabilities are proven specialists on Disabilities in the Workplace and Workplace Accommodation. 

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About using tqSkills' web site...

tqSkills' web site is set up in a simple 'book page' format. Go to the topic or page that meets your needs and review the information there. Watch for "links" on each page to take you deeper into our web site providing additional information, resources, products, and services.